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Thank you for your interest in consigning with Sweetpeas.  We are very easy to work with and the consignment process is simple.  Below you will find a detailed explanation of our consignment procedures.  We accept designer clothing, toys, DVDs, books, baby and children’s equipment, and other nursery items.

You have two options when consigning with Sweetpeas.  If you would like items which we do not select returned to you, drop offs are by appointment. Please call the store and we will schedule an appointment day for you.  You will be able to drop off anytime on your appointment day--whatever time works best with your schedule!  To encourage support of our local community, we will waive the appointment if you are willing to donate to a local charity those items we do not accept.  Recipients of our donations include the Veteran's Hospital in San Antonio, Medina House, and Lake Travis Thrift Store.

We accept all season’s clothing at any time.  Want to consign a snowsuit in July?  No problem.  We are happy to store it in our offsite warehouse, and put in on the sales floor for sale during the correct season.  Your consignment period doesn’t begin until the day it is put out for sale.

While we do not require clothing items brought in for consignment be hung or ironed, we do ask that you pre-screen your items and have them freshly laundered.  Pre-screening means to remove any items which are stained, torn, noticeably worn or not of top name brand or boutique brand.  We do not accept brands of any major discount chain store.  We also do not accept Carters or OshKosh and will limit selections from Old Navy and Children's Place.

For any consignment items besides clothing, please be sure item has all of its parts and is wiped down clean.  Please do not bring us garage sale or re-called items. 

Once your items have been selected for consignment we will have you fill out a “Consignment Contract” (or you can download and print one here to bring with you), set up an account, and get your items ready to sell.  We will have your items available for sale for 90 days.  If at the end of 90 days, items remain unsold, it is your responsibility to pick up the items before the contract expiration.  If not picked up, items become the property of Sweetpeas to be disposed of at our discretion.  We are unable to call and remind you of this expiration date.  This is your responsibility, so please log it on your home calendar if retrieval of unsold items is your preference.

As the items sell, our computer system will automatically update your account with 40% of the selling price.  You may cash out any money on your account or spend it in the store at any time!


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